October 7, 2009

A Launching of a Blog

I hereby name this cyberspace location an ukulele blog. All following posts shall have a singular focus: ukulele. Oh the crazy things that may happen! Remain calm! Not all dogs have fleas. Moreover, shouldn't we be concerned for the dogs of ukulele players if they all have fleas? Lastly, why that phrase? Why not, "man this is fun!" I hope what I am saying is understood. Uke first understanding second. The blog has been launched.


  1. Have fun. My blog tends to run in different directions as I travel along in this ukey journey. I get off track and side tracked easily. When I started learning the ukulele I looked every where for stuff on the internet. I would e-mail my club friends and meet new people and forget who I sent what to - so I thought a blog would be a good place to store whatever I found, as an electronic notebook.