August 26, 2010

His Name is Sniffs

by ocularinvasion (emory allen)
His name is Sniffs and you better not mention that he's got the sniffles.  With his long arms in tow even Sniffs likes a walk and uke.  A walk and uke is so enjoyable for him that even his sniffles go away for the smallest of moments.

This very interesting illustration was once again found on the pages of Flickr, my favorite haunts (as my mother would say).  Ocularinvasion (Emory Allen) is the artist and I would say that his other pieces are just as wonderful.  An interesting mind, and interesting vision.  Please check out the other pieces in his photostream.

I hope everyone was able to enjoy Sniffs as I did.  I just wonder what sort of fabric is used on that coat to keep the elbows from tearing right on through?

August 19, 2010

Radiohead and Ukulele is like Lamb Chops and Mint Jelly!

Courtesy of the artist
I loved this blip on the NPR radar.  I took a listen earlier with great elation.  Mixing two of my favorite things in the world, Amanda Palmer is my new hero (musically).  I REALLY RECOMMEND A LISTEN TO HER VERSION OF IDIOTEQUE!  Moreover take some time to either listen to or read the article on NPR.  If you do your day will not be the same, which is true of everything all of the time.

Amanda Palmer sings a beautiful version of 'Idioteque,' which is immediately recognizable but recreated just enough to make it her own.  With all the other ambience happening it's hard to pick out the ukulele, but I believe that's why I love it.  So comfortable with making music with the ukulele Amanda Palmer doesn't need to display the ukulele  but rather uses the ukulele as a part of the piece.  I loved this version as anyone can tell and can't wait to hear the rest of the album, especially 'Fake Plastic Trees.'

August 16, 2010

Paper and Pencil

I have to say that this is one of my more favorite illustrations in some time.  The ink paper drawing to the right is by Mario Zucca.  I completely recommend checking out his other images on Flickr.  I didn't notice any more with an ukulele subject matter, but who cares?

Have an Uke-tastic day!