August 26, 2010

His Name is Sniffs

by ocularinvasion (emory allen)
His name is Sniffs and you better not mention that he's got the sniffles.  With his long arms in tow even Sniffs likes a walk and uke.  A walk and uke is so enjoyable for him that even his sniffles go away for the smallest of moments.

This very interesting illustration was once again found on the pages of Flickr, my favorite haunts (as my mother would say).  Ocularinvasion (Emory Allen) is the artist and I would say that his other pieces are just as wonderful.  An interesting mind, and interesting vision.  Please check out the other pieces in his photostream.

I hope everyone was able to enjoy Sniffs as I did.  I just wonder what sort of fabric is used on that coat to keep the elbows from tearing right on through?

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