December 2, 2009

Clowning Around

Once more I have found an amusing illustration on Flickr.  While perusing the selections of great photography and images I was able to find this newer illustration by Custom Paper Toys.  The name may be familiar to some who know of the paper monkey on a moon playing an ukulele.  This particular illustration is for a calendar project featuring a KC artist, which I take to mean an artist from the Kansas City area. 

I suppose I would never post an illustration I don't like, so it may be redundant for me to mention that I like this illustration.  Nonetheless I mentioned that I like it.  The use of color, pattern, line variation, color of lines, etc., all come together and capture my attention.  All of this drivel probably sounds pretentious when talking about a pink clown playing an ukulele.  Yes, it does.  Still the "Get Down Clown" will happily be posted to my blog accompanying all of my opinions.  Moreover, take time and study the illustration.  Perhaps the pattern and color placements will grab at the visual senses.

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