August 2, 2010


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I just got done reading an older article on titled 'The Mighty Uke': A musical underdog makes a comeback.  What I've always wanted answered when talking comebacks, whether in sports or otherwise, is when does a comeback and the person or object is just back (with a vengeance)?  Moreover, why is it that the ukulele pendulums from unpopular to popular?  When will it just be established?  When will it be less novelty and more legitimate?  Is it already all of these things?  When will you be able to play ukulele without having to play Tiny Tim by request (but I suppose you can't play guitar without having 'Freebird' requested by every Joe)?  Time will tell I suppose.

Sounds like I'm disturbed or anxious about these things, but really I'm not.  I am just a poor ukulele man in search of answers.  Ha.

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  1. good post brother...

    i got my first uke in 2005 and over these last 5 years, i've come to the conclusion that it just 'is.'

    it's a great friggin instrument, i'm glad i found out about it on and as far as i'm concerned it's as every bit legit as a guitar, piano, etc. etc.