October 25, 2009

Fiction Flickr

Once again I have found an intriguing piece of art containing an image of the ukulele on the plentiful pages of Flickr. Oh what wondrous finds I've been finding floundering to be found. This particular piece was posted by the artist Kollage Kid. Ted "Wiggy" Pook is a humorous piece. Furthermore it made me curious as to who Ted Pook was and why he was wiggy? My search took me on an adventure to another blog, Scrapiteria. According to folklore, which I now understand to be fictitious, Ted Pook was a famous musician who was known during the 1920's. Exactly what he was known for makes the greatest story of all. Ted Pook was famous for being the only musician to "play outdoors for several Eskimos." Moreover his wig "was insured for a staggering three thousand pounds", thus the "Wiggy" nickname. Lest I forget, Wiggy also had a whale blubber ukulele (not sure how that works). What an imagination. Loved every second in my research to find the real Ted "Wiggy" Pook.

"I am Ted Pook."

"No, I am Ted Pook."

"I am that Wiggy Pook! Yes, the very one who played for Eskimos. I have a whale blubber uke! Do you?! No! For I am that Pook!"

I digress. Please check out both the artist's page on Flickr and the story on Scrapiteria.


  1. Not too sure why there's a penguin in the artic...