October 20, 2009

Not Sure What to Say

As the title of this post has already stated, I am not sure what to say. Strangely capturing my attention are two squid. One of the bug-eyed creatures is posing for a hula. The other more relaxed squid delightedly plays ukulele. With an empty background the picture of two cartoon-like squid has plenty for me to muse over. I am not familiar with squid anatomy but this pictures leaves me with questions. See if you know what I mean.

I can not help but laugh when I look at this picture. I have even thought of what a great claymation film this would make. However, despite all of the innocence found in this photo of clay stills I find it slightly eerie.

Find more about this artist, Articulate Matter, at their Flickr page. Leave a comment. Leave a question. I wonder what song the uke squid is playing? Not a question a person asks every day.


  1. Let's get playful with the uke...

    U900 Walk Don't Run

    LucyLou21 Luff Song