October 19, 2009

NPR: Ukulele Love #1

I do appreciate the amount of coverage the ukulele gets on NPR. This is a clip of All Things Considered on July 26th, 2009 where Zee Avi was interviewed. She is very well spoken and gives a good report of what the ukulele means to her. Beyond a good interview are clips of her music. Once again, oh yes, here is a beautiful voice being accompanied by an ukulele (do not let me forget, please don't let me forget, that the ukulele is also a beautifully voiced instrument). Backed by more than just ukulele, I believe Zee Avi is a new voice with old tone who does a good job of showing that ukulele can be used in pop-music without all the weird quirky/gimmicky stuff. She is a legitimate voice with a legitimate stringed instrument.

Here is a link to the NPR page with full text and audio. Enjoy.

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