October 17, 2009

Illustrate the Ukulele

Interesting illustrations and pictures always cross my eyes when I browse the Flickr pages. I love seeing what the artists that are found on that page have to share. I came across this little illustration of a stump band. Wonderful little environment that gives me warm feelings of what a community of music can do. Pure and simple. Art and music for the enjoyment of everyone, not a commodity for retail. I hope you enjoy this illustration by Laura George. I am pretty sure there is an ukulele somewhere in that ensemble. I wonder what song they are playing?Please check out her other illustrations they are great.

This post was written while listening to the new album from David Gray, Draw the Line. I have always been a fan of David Gray and I am still a fan.

1 comment:

  1. Nice little ukulele find. I would like see more ukulele ensembles. Each uke playing a different part. I was checking out the Sloop John B on Tab-U-Learn. Combine that melody with some strummin' and a Kala Bass uke too.