October 13, 2009

Listen to Music

Ukulele music has the potential to be incredibly annoying. What I think is responsible for such a dilemma should be discussed in another post. Today's post is for some ukulele music I believe to be a wonderful listen. The album that I've run across thanks to UkuleleHunt.com has made my ears as happy as a cat with catnip. I encourage everyone to listen to Sophie Madeleine and her album "Love. Life. Ukulele." She has an intriguing voice that makes the audience listen to every note sung. Moreover, every track on this album has that great hook every pop song needs to make me desire a listen of the whole song, not just the chorus. Hear it for yourself. Go to her bandcamp page and take a listen. Heck! Even purchase the album!


  1. Beautiful young talent, awesome voice, nice Hamano too!

  2. Thanks for the mention. I do think Sophie Madeleine is a bit special.