November 5, 2009

I Cute Lil' Uke Pin

Here's a new treasure for myself. My wife is a little bit of a crafter, in fact she loves crafting. The other night I asked her, some may say commissioned her, to make me a ukulele craft. The picture that is seen to the right is the end result (hard to capture due to the small nature of the pin). I love this little pin. Every small, literally tiny, detail is great. Beads for pegs and thread for courses make this pin the best little ukulele pin a man could want. Soon this pin will grace my ukulele gig-bag with its presence.

Speaking of "little" everyone should head on over to Humble Uker's blog to read the latest on Lil' Rev. He is a great player with a sweet strum. His name may be familiar to you since he's the brains behind Hal Leonard's Ukulele Method Book series. Again head over to Humble Uker's blog to read about the Milwaukee native (Milwaukee, the Chicago of Wisconsin).

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