November 4, 2009

Simply Put

Another illustration from the pages of Flickr. This particular black and white was posted by the artist Austin Kleon. He has a large portfolio found on Flickr and as far as I can tell no other ukulele subjects. Nonetheless the other images are great (especially what he does with signs and newspapers, check it out). I love this image, which is aptly titled Ukulele Illustration. I'm thinking this image needs to be a sticker, perhaps a patch. I think someone needs to ask his permission.

Also recommended is going to Austin's website, Austin's personal site is a bit easier to navigate compared to the flickr site, plus it is personalized (great look).

On a sad note, Yankees just won the World Series. Sorry Yankees fans, but I would have rather seen the Phillies win. But who wants to be known for what they dislike? Let's go White Sox!

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