November 18, 2009

Is Ukulele the Devil's Instrument?

For a long time I have pondered whether the ukulele was and instrument of Satan.  Apparently the Devil enjoys a little strum every now and then.  Now I'm not intending to imply that the ukulele is inherently evil, it's just so good the ukulele has to be evil.

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  1. From the bowels of the torpid earth he terrorise the gentle inhabitants of the sleepy villages of our green land.

    When he arrives to take his victims all they will hear is the gentle plinkety plunk, plinkety plunk sound that slowly gets louder behind them. By the time the victim works out that they are in fact hearing the opening chords to Highway to Hell, it is too late to run, too late to hide...Ukulelos is about to claim another soul...

  2. yes. hands down. a ukelele killed my parents.