November 9, 2009

Queens of the Uke Age

Rolling along, minding my business, trying not to burst into song because of what I just wrote. Pow! It hits me like me like an aimless cicada in the summer. A new find for me on Flickr, fabulous. Yes another, and there will be more, this I promise! However! Please keep reading. I want to know if someone has a full length version of this performance (video below) out there on the web? If so please let me know. Either way I will find this video in full length if it is one of the things I do in this life. Queens of the Stone Age on ukulele, albeit distorted electric ukulele, is entertaining to say the least. In my opinion it also works together for an intriguing sound.

I end with a second quest. If anyone could post some comments and let me know of any ukulele punk groups to check out. This area of ukulele-dom interests me and I would like find more information.

1 comment:

  1. The guy on the left is Pocket Fox aka Mr Kazookeylele. You can download an mp3 of the whole song here.